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Batch Create Users
Warrant Cloud Only

Create up to 100 new users in one API request.


This endpoint has been deprecated and will be phased out at the end of 2023. Please update any existing usages of it to use the Create Object endpoint instead.


POST /v1/users


A batch create request takes a list of user objects (as defined in the create user API). Providing a userId for each user is optional. Warrant will generate a userId for all users without a provided id.


Each batch create request can create up to 100 new users. Requests containing more than 100 user objects will fail.

Batch creates are atomic operations. If any error (client or server) is encountered during creation, none of the users will be created. Batch create requests can therefore be safely retried.

POST /v1/users
curl "" \
-H "Authorization: ApiKey YOUR_KEY" \
--data-raw \


200 OK
"userId": "d6ed6474-784e-407e-a1ea-42a91d4c52b9",
"email": null
"userId": "hdf24rhser4-234dfdgdfs3",
"email": null