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Welcome to Warrant! 👋

Our docs site should have everything you need to get started. If you have any questions, drop by our Slack Community to chat with the team.

What is Warrant?

Warrant is an application authorization & access control platform built for developers and product teams. It's designed to abstract away the complexity of implementing and managing authorization & access control so teams can focus on building their core products.

Teams use Warrant to implement application authorization & access control models like role based access control (RBAC), relationship based access control (ReBAC), attribute based access control (ABAC) and other custom access models in their apps. Check out some other common use cases here.

Key features

  • A centralized, managed authorization service (inspired by Google Zanzibar) for storing and managing authorization models and their associated access rules (we call these warrants)
  • Built-in primitives for common access models like RBAC, multi-tenancy, pricing tiers, and feature entitlements
  • Check API for easy and fast access checks (i.e. Is user:A an editor of document:X?)
  • Query API for easy and fast querying across access rules (i.e. Which documents can user:A edit?)
  • Central event log of all operations to enable easy audit logs, alerting, and debugging of authorization rules
  • Full-stack infrastructure from back-end SDKs to CLI and UI components/self-service applications to add authorization at any layer
  • Connectors to sync users, tenants, and other data from any source (i.e. IdPs, DBs)

Getting started

Not sure where to start? Start with one of these:

  • Use Cases - Common use cases and examples of what you can build
  • Getting started - Create an account, get API keys, install SDKs and start making requests
  • Overview - Deeper system & architecture overview

Further reading

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • API Reference - API resource definitions and examples
  • Blog - Articles & product updates from the Warrant team
  • Demo App - Live demo of a sample application using Warrant
  • Security - Warrant's security policies