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Rate Limits

All Warrant API endpoints employ rate limiting to protect the system and its users. These rate limits are designed to only trigger in cases of extremely 'bursty' traffic and should not impact regular, production traffic.

Any API request that triggers the rate limiter will fail with HTTP code 429 Too Many Requests.

Common causes

  • The most common cause of hitting rate limits is due to running an unbounded script that imports and/or exports large amounts of data in parallel from Warrant. If you notice rate limit errors when running a script, the concurrency of requests being made by the script is too high and needs to be lowered.
  • The other most common cause of hitting rate limits is 'bursty' requests resulting from some action taken in an application. For example, any action that triggers thousands of concurrent requests to Warrant may trigger rate limiting.
  • In short, do not programmatically (and immediately) retry an operation that failed due to rate limiting.
  • If you hit rate limits in your script, adjust concurrency and retry.
  • If you're hitting rate limits in production, please contact us and we'll help you debug asap.