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Get an Object Type

Get a specific object type by type.

GET /v2/object-types/:type



Warrant-Token string, optional

A valid Warrant-Token from a previous write operation or latest. Used to specify desired consistency for this read operation.

Path Params

type string

The type of the object type to retrieve.

GET /v2/object-types/:type
curl "" \
-H "Authorization: ApiKey YOUR_KEY"



type string

A string identifier for this new object type. The type can only be composed of lower-case alphanumeric chars and/or '-' and '_'.

relations object

The set of relationships that subjects can have on objects of this type. See Key Concepts > Object Types to learn more.

200 OK
"type": "report",
"relations": {
"parent": {},
"owner": {},
"editor": {
"inheritIf": "owner"
"viewer": {
"inheritIf": "anyOf",
"rules": [
"inheritIf": "editor"
"inheritIf": "viewer",
"ofType": "report",
"withRelation": "parent"