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Get an Object

Get a specific object by objectType and objectId.

GET /v2/objects/:objectType/:objectId


Path Params

objectType string

The objectType of the object to get.

objectId string

The objectId of the object to get.

GET /v2/objects/:objectType/:objectId
curl "" \
-H "Authorization: ApiKey YOUR_KEY"



objectType string

The type of the object (e.g. user, tenant, role, permission, etc).

objectId string

Customer defined string identifier for this object. Can only contain alphanumeric chars and/or '-', '_', '|', '@'. If not provided, Warrant will create a univerally unique identifier (UUID) for the object and return it. If allowing Warrant to generate an id, store the id in your application so you can provide it for authorization requests on that object.

meta object

A JSON object containing additional information about this object (e.g. role name/description, user email/name, etc.) to be persisted to Warrant.

200 OK
"objectType": "user",
"objectId": "d6ed6474-784e-407e-a1ea-42a91d4c52b9"
"meta": {
"email": ""