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Update a Pricing Tier

Update a pricing tier given their pricingTierId.


This endpoint has been deprecated and will be phased out at the end of 2023. Please update any existing usages of it to use the Update Object endpoint instead.

PUT /v1/pricing-tiers/:pricingTierId


pricingTierIdThe id of the pricing tier to update. Note that id cannot be changed.URL paramyes
nameAn optional, display-friendly name for the pricing tier.JSON bodyno
descriptionAn optional description of the pricing tier. A useful description might include a summary of the functionality the pricing tier grants.JSON bodyno

Note: Optional fields that are omitted will clear existing values.


curl "" \
-X PUT \
-H "Authorization: ApiKey YOUR_KEY" \
--data-raw \
'{ "name": "Growth Tier", description: "Grants a tenant access to all Growth plan features" }'


"pricingTierId": "growth",
"name": "Growth Tier",
"description": "Grants a tenant access to all Growth plan features"