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Command Line Interface (CLI)

In addition to http APIs for managing all resources, Warrant also ships with a native CLI (source) with commands for checking access and managing common resources like roles, permissions, tenants, users and the various associations between them.


macOS (Using Homebrew)

brew install warrant-dev/warrant/warrant


The latest binaries for Mac, Linux & Windows are available here.


After download/installation, you first need to initialize the CLI:

warrant init

Once initialized, the CLI is ready for use. For example, we can add the admin role to user:345 with the following command:

warrant assign role:admin user:345

Supported Commands

Although not all operations are supported via CLI yet, many are, including commands to manage common resources and RBAC scenarios. Run warrant -h to get a list of supported commands or check out the API Reference (look for a 'CLI' tab in code snippets).